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What's included in a download file?

You download a ZIP file that includes PDFs with answers to all Google Educator Certified certification exams. Google certified educator level 1 exam answers, Google certified educator level 2 exam answers, and GFE trainer assessment answers. All possible questions from each exam.

But why?

Because your time is important. You have enrolled in certification program, we make sure you pass the exam on the first attempt. Note that if you fail the exam, you need to pay again for each attempt & wait multiple days between you can take it again.

What about updates?

We regularly update our files. All future updates are FREE. Every time we notice a change in an exam, we update the file and you will receive a short notification via email (you provide us when downloading the file) with a updated download link.

Can I use it during the exam?

It's up to you. You can use the files as a learning material preparing for the exam. Or, you can just search the file during the exam. The files contain all possible questions. Just keep in mind that questions are always in a random order.

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